I am an artist living in Los Angeles, California. I do many things to earn a living in this marvelous but challenging city, but writing is not yet one of them. Although I’m an artist and entrepreneur, I really want to be a writer.

I’ll warn you right up front that my blogs will not be of a light-hearted nature, even though I am a very light-hearted person. I believe that most people who have experienced great tragedy in their lives are also the ones who have the best sense of humor; and at times, the least likely to take life too seriously. I am also a firm believer in the idea that suffering breeds compassion, and pain builds character.

In these pages you will read about stories and experiences spanning a very wide range of topics, and most of them are of a very serious nature. However, I do not enjoy writing (nor reading, for that matter) from a “woe is me” point of view, but instead, a humorous or “teaching” one. I will chronicle my experiences in a way that will try to be compelling, honest, and uplifting. I also promise that every single word will be 100% true.

Some of the topics I will write about include substance abuse, cancer, poverty, sexual abuse, rape, death and grief, abortion, relationships, art, travel, career success and failure, family conflict, betrayal, college, homelessness, the music and film industries, being a teenager in the 80s, life as an artist, underground subculture, criminal behavior, redemption, and many other equally cheerful subjects.

My goal for these blogs is not limited to self-understanding and purging, but it is also designed to help others that are living similar lifestyles and situations to recognize, understand, and emerge victorious over the pain and suffering that comes with many of these experiences. This blog is dedicated to those lonely and troubled teenagers who’ve been forgotten by their families, and left to navigate the big bad world alone and without any weapons. It’s for the little warriors of tomorrow, in hopes that they will find some of those weapons here in these pages.


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