The Homeless Chronicles Pt. 5B: How Could You Let it Get That Far?

After I had successfully moved everything I owned into storage, I started cleaning the place up a bit. I promised my dear landlord that I would not leave a mess for him. The shop was completely empty, except for a blanket on the floor of my former bedroom. I was going to continue sleeping there during the cleaning process. Late that evening, I heard some noise outside, so I went to investigate. It was a tow-truck that was taking my Scion away. I went outside and talked to the driver. Of course I was very upset, but I didn’t yell at him. He just explained to me that since I was only a couple of months behind, I would still be able to get it back. It wasn’t repossessed forever, he said, and if I paid within a couple weeks, I would get it back. He apologized and hugged me.”I’ll get it back,” I told myself. “I’ll get it back.”

I went back into my office/bedroom and laid down on the hard floor, totally defeated. Now not only was I gonna be homeless, I was also gonna be without transportation. The real panic began to set in, because I knew in the darkest corner of my mind, that I was relying on that truck for a place to sleep “if it came down to that.”

The next morning, I awoke with a tremendous sense of dread. I sat up from the hard floor, and could hear the normal sounds of the nearby businesses coming to life. Each morning around 5:30, all the employees of surrounding shops began to arrive for work. Each morning, I could hear them parking, shouting hello to one another, and firing up their own machines, much like I did for my own business. Waving hello to the neighbors, gathering together out back to gossip at the end of the day, exchanging discarded or leftover materials, was all part of having a shop in an industrial park. I liked my neighbors. I was the only girl in our whole area, and they all looked out for me. They left wood and metal scraps outside my door, so I could use them for my sculptures. It occurred to me that morning that I would be saying goodbye to them, and they were all very sad for me.

I was standing still in the center of my empty shop, looking around, and I could actually hear the sounds of laughter from past visitors, clients, and the sounds of howling by my beloved cat Gus before he passed away just a few days before. It hit me like a lightning bolt. This was no longer my home, this was the end of my dream, I had no fucking idea where I was going to go that day, or how I was gonna get there. My phone rang right as those thoughts began to consume me, and it was a friend that insisted on seeing me right then. She arrived at my shop moments later, saying she had something for me. It was her old truck that she was retiring in order to get a new one. I couldn’t believe my luck, and it was the first time through the whole process that I actually felt like the Universe was truly looking out for me. It was the first time that I felt like everything would be OK.

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